Weekend climbing around Cassis

This weekend I was with three Austrian friends for two days of adventures in the coves. On the first day we went to the coves of En Vau and the Castelvieil plateau to make the Ramond crossing.

The famous step away in the crossing, not very hard but impressive!
At the end of the crossing, there are still two lengths to reach the plateau.
End of the crossing! Well done girls, we blow a little and then we go back 🙂

After the Ramond crossing, we followed up with a classic of the En Vau cove, La Sapphire. It is a rather easy path that goes up a nice stop with very vertical passages.

Tired but happy! Finally at the top of the Sapphire!!

The next day we put the cover back but this time for a day a little cooler 🙂 Head for the Ciotat and the blower hole. This is an adventure itinerary for all without knowledge of climbing beforehand. It allows you to discover this little-known part of the Calanques in a playful way. On the program, reminders, zip line and rope ride in a beautiful setting.

Recall at the water’s edge
Strings journey over water
This is the ballad compared to the previous day!

Thanks to the three of you girls, I hope you enjoyed your stay in the Calanques, and of course see you soon for new adventures!

Canyoning Session in verdon

It’s hot right now to climb the Calanques! The solution, go swimming in the fresh water of the Gorge soaks of Verdon. I spent two weeks working with the Guides du Verdon, a company located in the Salles on Verdon, on the shores of Lake Sainte Croix. For those who do not know this is really a beautiful place to discover. Here are some pictures to make you want to explore one of the largest canyons in Europe!

The famous jump into the Imbut!

Weekend adventure with friends – Bec de Sormiou

4 friends reunite for an adventure weekend! This group is not at its first attempt, they had already made the famous Philémon course at the Ciotat last year. The decision is made, this year it will be the turn of the beak in the coves of Sormiou.

Arriving at the Luï d'ai pass, it is necessary to put on the harnesses, the progression alternates reminders, passages in vires, walk and climbing.

An emotional half day that will end with a well-deserved swim at Sormiou beach!

Climbing the cliff of Semaphore at the Ciotat

Today we spent the morning at the Semaphore cliff with a small group of three Americans. In the shade in the morning, and with a beautiful view of the sea, this is the ideal cliff to learn the pleasure of climbing. Another great meeting and a good shared moment!

Steffy came from Miami to climb the Calanques!

Cassis Multi pitch

I was recently contacted by 4 Parisian climbers to organize a weekend climbing on the side of Cassis. The goal, to touch real rock of course! it’s true that in Paris it’s not necessarily obvious! and above all achieve their first multi pitch!

End of the second length and already the void is present

After half a day on the cliff of the Semaphore to find its marks on the rock and learn the techniques of progression in multi pitch. We set off this Saturday to attack one of Cape affordable routes: “Two scoundrels three scoundrels”, rated TD with 5c mandatory steps.

The two ropes follow each other, with room for everyone at the relay

The effort remains sustained throughout, with very dizzying passages in some places. Fortunately, the wide turns at the relays allow you to rest before continuing… A beautiful adventure that they are not about to forget!

With a beautiful view of the sea…
Well-deserved rest before attacking the last two lengths

Initiation climbing between buddies

View from the top of the tracks

This Saturday afternoon we went on the cliff of Pastré for an initiation climbing. The cliff is ideal to start because it offers very easy lines with a nice view of the sea. In addition, it takes only about ten minutes to be at the foot of the tracks. After learning the necessary for safety, the guys were able to chain several lengths in a reel from 4B to 5b +!

The group in action!

Adventure course at the CAP Canaille in La Ciotat

This morning go on the Ridge Road near the semaphore de La Ciotat to leave in the reminders of the "Cave of July 14th" with a team of toulonnais. Because of the wind, the road leading to the ridges is closed, which has earned us a small half hour of walking to get to the start! At least we won't be bothered by cars! This course is always as beautiful facing the sea with the Calanques in the background. After two reminders, we will visit the cave, then thanks to a last reminder of more than 40 meters of gas, we'll access the foot of the cliff. After a well deserved picnic, we will attack the ascent by the "Pas de la goat", walking on a compulsory rope. It only remains to go back down to the cars from the ridges. A busy day and strong emotion for the participants!

Session in Roquevaire

After deliberation of the jury and great debate! Today it will be the great face of the Vallon de Roquevaire, I named "Graffiti"! A major wall of the region, in the sun all day and rather well sheltered from the Mistral, in the massif of Garlaban.

View of the Big Valley

After a good walk of approach of 40 minutes, you arrive on a beautiful terrace that dominates the valley. We heated in the leftmost lanes: 6a and 6c. Attention to the latter, when one does not know the departure, it can pick cold! For once, no end of Échauff in the magnificent Diedre Guidi, side 7a, we pass directly by the box "mounting of drawers in the projects"… Each sound 8a:-) Morgan goes to "Colo-net" and me to "Yon ti Souris". A way that has resisted me for far too long!! After two attempts in "Yon Ti" it will still be a failure (or one more step towards success:-)) and it is already time to go back down to be on time at the crib…

Morgan in "Colo-Net"

As a bonus the link to the website of Morgan, also monitor on Marseille and its region: https://www.morgan-escalade.com/

That's a check at Ceyreste!

I've already told you about this little cliff in my last article, and well we went back with Morgan this Thursday to try the 8A located on the far left of the cliff.
I had already done two Scouting climbs last Monday… After a warm up on the lower-left area, Morgan goes first to discover the way and place the quickdraws. The track breaks down into three sections. The first revolves around 7A on a black rock with small catches and feet that still crunch, to arrive at a good rest in a dihedron. Then we pass a slight Devers with good reversed and we attack the hard section. The crux consists of fetching two tiny strips, then a good reverse left hand, Clipper and then perform a sort of "clock" in order to start right… The last section is vertical on small scales in a white rock with obligatory steps to get the relay! Morgan will make several times the cost, taking a good half-dozen flying all the way up before releasing the rope to the relay!! Bravo for the combativity!

Climbing in Ceyreste

To the General surprise, while I was gone to work and spot once again the way, I put on the first try of the day! Maybe not a big 8A of the shot, but rather 7c +… the way is beautiful and asks only to be repeated. (Morgan, promised I'll come back and make sure you do!)
I will then try the "E track" (Yes, still no names on this cliff:-)), side 7c + on the Topo, which I will also follow the first test. The way is more physical and offers a varied escalation with a crux marked on the strips and a fine end in a crack.

Climbing in Ceyreste

Little known and little used in the area, this small spot of about twenty lanes is located at the bottom of a valley on the heights of La Ciotat. However, it offers some beautiful flights of more than 30 meters on a rock which still requires a few passages in order to be a little less "evolutionary"! The tracks are mostly in the 7, sometimes with a few small balusters. A note the opening of an easy way, 5a? , not listed in the Topo on the far right of the cliff.
Find the topo of the cliff here: Topo Ceyreste

Thanks again to Thierry Volpiatto for the opening of this sector.