Climbing and canoeing in La Ciotat

Today we made an original combination with Amira. We left the Mugel calanque by canoe to go directly to the foot of the “blue workshop”, a large easy route in the 4.

The boat approach

This route is really suitable for a first discovery of outdoor climbing. On the other hand, the anchorages are very far away and it is not necessarily easy to find the next point in the middle of this ocean of pebbles!

In the third pitch, the atmosphere is splendid!

The view of the park and the Mugel calanque is really nice, and it is possible to continue up to the summit ridge in order to have a magical view with the sea on each side!

At the top the view is incredible.

For the descent we opted for the abseil but a walk is also possible. We then joined the boat by crossing at the water’s edge with small climbing steps at times.

The recall to the sea

In short, a beautiful half-day and an affordable adventure even for beginners 10 minutes from the house, what more could you ask for!