Renewal of a forgotten area of Cape Canaille

This winter before I left for Laos, we had obtained permission from the park of the coves to re-equip an emblematic area of Cape Canaille. This is the "Sun friend" area whose classic route is covered by the Ciotat topo. Thanks to the support of the ffme and volunteer friends, we were able to re-equip 5 lanes on this sector: the L1 of the spectrum of the sands 7a, the L1' of Flesh for fantasy, The heart of the millstone 7a, Sun friend 7c, La Pagode 8a.

David at Sun Ami re-equipment

Yesterday I went back to this sector to take advantage of these "new ways". Be careful all the same some lanes still require a lot of cleaning and wearing a helmet is highly recommended.

Search for method in Sun friend,

The re-equipment of this area makes it possible to propose an alternative to the black star for pathways in the seventh degree. This type of basic way missed a little around La Ciotat…

Be careful it leans!!