Climbing at Cap Canaille

Yesterday with Julien we did an original sequence at Cap Canaille. We went down by the return path of the "Philemon" to the place where the ledge crosses the belay of the second length of the path called "Everything is a question of angle". The goal is to be able to climb the hard sections (7a and 7c) before the sun arrives while respecting our parental obligations in the morning :-), drop off at the nursery and school!

Julien attacking the photogenic dihedral of the length in 7a

The timing was perfect and we were able to try the 7c before the sun arrived. Julien took the time to dissect the movements, I followed behind him in second, well flashed by his methods. We have already planned to come back, just to chain it together in the lead from the top! The atmosphere is crazy and very sparkling.

To end the day, go and try the 8a in the last length "of the sands of time". I had retooled this length last year with a friend, but never came back to climb in. The least we can say is that there is not much traffic! But the route is rather nice with a boulder section at the start which took us a long time to decipher, the rest seems doable after a good location and cleaning. A case to follow what …

Race with the sun in "angle question"