Introducing multipitch in the Calanques

Ebba and Karin, two Swedish friends, contacted me recently in order to complete their first major route in the Calanques. They already had a little experience of climbing, especially in the gym. The main objective was to make the famous “arrete de Marseille” of La Candelle, but given the bad weather and rain announced in the afternoon, we fell back on a shorter route.

Ebba in the second length

We decided to go to the cliff of The Crete St Michel, accessible in about twenty minutes from Luminy. This wall has the advantage of offering a large number of affordable routes on a well compacted rock sheltered from the east wind.

Nice view of the port of Morgiou, the rain is coming!

We climb the track named “La Chaloupée” 5c max in 4 lengths. And it didn’t take much more! We took the shower at the end of the last length, the timing was perfect!

Arrival at the top of Karin, just before the rain!!

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