Multi-pitch route at Cap Canaille

I was recently contacted by 4 Parisian climbers to organize a climbing weekend near Cassis. The goal is to touch real stones of course! it is true that in Paris it is not necessarily obvious! and above all to achieve their first multi-pitch route!

End of the second length and already the void is present

After half a day on the cliff of the Semaphore to find your marks on the rock and learn the techniques of progression on multi-pitch routes. We set off this Saturday to attack one of the affordable routes in Cape Town: "Two scoundrels, three scoundrels", TD rated with mandatory 5c steps.

The two roped parties follow each other, with room for everyone at the relay

The effort remains sustained throughout, with very dizzying passages in a few places. Fortunately the wide ledges at the relays allow you to rest before continuing … A great adventure that they will not soon forget!

With a beautiful sea view …
Well deserved rest before attacking the last two lengths

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