Session in Roquevaire

After deliberation of the jury and great debate! Today it will be the great face of the Vallon de Roquevaire, I named "Graffiti"! A major wall of the region, in the sun all day and rather well sheltered from the Mistral, in the massif of Garlaban.

View of the Big Valley

After a good walk of approach of 40 minutes, you arrive on a beautiful terrace that dominates the valley. We heated in the leftmost lanes: 6a and 6c. Attention to the latter, when one does not know the departure, it can pick cold! For once, no end of Échauff in the magnificent Diedre Guidi, side 7a, we pass directly by the box "mounting of drawers in the projects"… Each sound 8a:-) Morgan goes to "Colo-net" and me to "Yon ti Souris". A way that has resisted me for far too long!! After two attempts in "Yon Ti" it will still be a failure (or one more step towards success:-)) and it is already time to go back down to be on time at the crib…

Morgan in "Colo-Net"

As a bonus the link to the website of Morgan, also monitor on Marseille and its region:

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