Session in Minisud

That’s it the temperatures are again more lenient and it is already time to migrate on the cliffs of the season! Minisud remains a must for this period. In fact, it is possible to juggle the areas to look for the shade or the sun depending on the conditions. Level quotes It is better to have a level 6b to be happy, knowing that the mutants will have good 8b packed to get under the tooth! The walk of approach, although a little long (45min) is magnificent with a typical Mediterranean vegetation and a view of the valley of the Huveaune.

The lanes are short but often without rest and well residents. Moreover, it is one of the few cliffs of the corner to own Tufas !

For my part I went back in an old project, “Downhill in the Round” a well-demanding 7c with a correct start on Colos followed by a well residents part on small to finish after a slight crossing by a throw! Really nice to climb, I chain it to my first try of the day.

Thank you Fred for the equipment of this cliff!

Who said there were no tufas in Marseille!

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