Day of the Cross at Cimai

Back to Cimaï with the band of friends this Thursday. Before getting on the ledge, which does not offer a lot of possibilities for warming up, I suggest that Sébastien go to the Smilax sector, towards the rose petal ledge. We did 3 very beautiful routes, without any marked boulders, ideal for warming up. A 6a, which lives up to its name: "heating lap", "Colossal finesse" a 6c not too hard for the Cimaï, and "Trip tonic" extended version which should turn around 6c + / 7a.

Sobibor 7c on the Cimaï ledge

Then direction the turn, Sébastien returns in his project "Oceanic" a 7a + that he will link by putting down the quickdraws! My turn to go into my project "Sobibor" a very nasty 7c of 18m, opened by Denis Garnier in 1985, and which gives its name to the sector. I do it on the first try! Even if the rating is not extreme, I had to invest myself during 3 sessions to achieve this route!

The day is not over yet since I will be doing "J.B Gibbon", a nice short route on flash colos and the magnificent "Printemps éphémères" 7a + on sight by putting down the quickdraws.

Very good session, warm with friends and crosses, what more could you ask for! There's no need to say we're not so bad in winter in Provence 😉

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