A day at the “Paroi des toits” (roof wall)

Instead of the winter Marseille climbing, the “paroi des toits” remains a magical place, especially during the week when you have the opportunity to have the cliff for oneself. Well sheltered from the Mistral and in the sun until about 4pm, this cliff is perfect if you like the big backdrops and the round catches!

The view from the foot of the tracks

The entry ticket is rather around 6c/7a., but in these quotes you will have only the embarrassment of choice… (more than 25 7a referenced!)

For my part I went back in the second length of Rénatissimo, rated 8a on the last topo. Well verdict, it’s hard! After the relay of the first length, the difficulty remains rather moderate and the quotation concentrates on the last meters. More specifically on 3 drawers where all the movements appeared to me well block and the difficult clips! On the other hand, the points are very close which allows to put the drawers in artif quite easily.

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